The Ultimate No-Bullshit Fall Guide

The fall season has officially begun, so get ready for rain, fog, colder nights, and basic white girls clogging up the lines at Starbucks to get yet another Pumpkin Spice Latte.

So what can you do this fall, besides laying in bed rewatching all ten seasons of Friends?

Here’s our Ultimate No-Bullshit Fall Guide with enough ideas and inspirations to get you through the next few months:


  1. Buy everything that has “Pumpkin” written on it
  2. Sell your junk at a flea market
  3. Make sure your Uggs are ready to go
  4. Have an all-night-scary-movie-marathon
  5. Start writing poems that you may or may not feel ashamed of when you read them again in a year
  6. Use the last sunny days to finally have that picnic in a park somewhere
  7. Host a black-and-orange party
  8. Get ready for all the new season premieres of your favorite shows
  9. Start putting cinnamon into everything
  10. Shop for new fall clothes
  11. Find a new favorite coffee place
  12. Build giant pillow forts
  13. Have someone to build giant pillow forts with (optional)
  14. Make up excuses to spend an extra 10 minutes in the hot shower
  15. Prepare a rainy-day-emergency-plan
  16. Go on a tour through your local brewery (and sample everything!)
  17. Befriend someone with a fireplace

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  18. Enjoy a sauna
  19. Watch all the classic movies you haven’t seen yet
  20. Support your local theater group
  21. Play hooky and have sex all day
  22. Start eating what you want (summer is over and winter is going to be cold!)
  23. Build a kite
  24. Enjoy some awesome indie games while sitting around in your sweatpants all day
  25. Don’t push people into leaf piles (that’s just nasty, especially when you’re living in the city)
  26. Go to a haunted house
  27. Spend that rainy day in a museum
  28. Go to a fare and eat as many sweets as you can (remember: winter is coming!)

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  29. Spend a ridiculous amount of time making up excuses for not leaving the bed
  30. Start wearing flannel
  31. Abuse the #thankful hashtag
  32. Complain about how cold it’s getting
  33. Filter the shit out of those trees as they change colors

  34. Invite friends over to try your latest pumpkin soup recipes
  35. Wrap yourself up nice and warm and go stargazing
  36. Buy some “fall” candles and burn them until the whole house smells like a pumpkin farm
  37. Think about doing your Christmas shopping early this year and then don’t do it
  38. Write handwritten letters
  39. Eat too much turkey
  40. Stock up on books
  41. Borrow a dog or a kid (or take your own if you can) and watch them have an amazing time with the leafs (pro tip: join them!)
  42. Spend too much time on Pinterest, looking for DIY-fall-decoration ideas
  43. Act like the child that you are and play hide-and-seek in a forest (try not get lost)
  44. Drink whiskey in a “sophisticated” way
  45. Say autumn instead of fall
  46. Make a physical list of the things you couldn’t care less about while spending all day in your favorite sweatshirt-sweatpants combination
  47. Try to convince yourself that you’re going to start eating healthier while eating another s’more
  48. Stock up on tea
  49. Pack some food, a bottle of wine (or two) and go out exploring with your friends
  50. Kick-start your day with an early morning jog in the crisp morning air
  51. Go antiquing or thrifting
  52. Make your own Halloween costume
  53. Be the basic white girl that you are

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