7 things you need to do before summer ends

Summer is coming to an end and it seems like these are the last sunny days.

Have you had a chance to cross some things off your bucket list during the last few months? We did and turned our favorites into this list. 


Practice Yoga In A Park

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Is there anything that says relaxation and freedom like starting your day with an open-air yoga session? Maybe sleeping till noon … Anyway, why not try this for a change: Put on some comfy clothes, hop on your bike and take a ride to a nice spot in a park.

Breathing some fresh air, with nature as a backdrop, will do wonders for your mood and carry you through the day like nothing else! (Make sure to wear a bit of sunscreen.)

Pro tip: Head out at sunrise when the temperatures are still bearable and grab a freshly brewed coffee on your way back.


Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinemas combine two of my favorite things: watching stuff and not doing anything else.

Taking the big screen outdoors turns this rainy day activity into the perfect summer trend: You get to watch stuff (Yeah!) and you don’t have to feel guilty about it since you’re also getting some fresh summer air (Fuckyeah!)

You don’t like being surrounded by a bunch of strangers? No reason to miss out! Here’s what you need for your unique private open air cinema experience:

  • Some snacks
  • A bottle of wine (or two)
  • A blanket
  • A laptop with some stuff to watch
  • Someone to watch some stuff with
  • A place to watch some stuff with someone (How about a park? Or some place at a lake maybe? Rooftops are also a great location)

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Tour A Brewery

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Touring a brewery is a lot like going to university. You drink beer and you learn stuff. Is that a good enough reason for a day trip? I like to think so.

Pro tip: Get some „homework“ from the gift shop.


Spend Some Quality Time On Rooftops

If you don’t have access to your own rooftop you should immediately become friends with someone that does. Do it now, I’ll wait here.

Ready to go? Great. Here’s some inspiration for what to do while you’re up there:

 Do some urban gardening

• Throw a fancy sunset party

• Watch stuff (the stars, a movie, your city, …)

• Just kick back and relax


Have Some Ice Cream For Breakfast

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There is this great xkcd comic strip about being a grown-up, and that it’s up to us to decide what that means. For me, it’s having ice cream for breakfast once in a while.

I usually mix it up with different flavors, berries, oats, (Irish) cream, a smooth liqueur, or I turn the whole thing into a milkshake.

If you’re afraid of being judged for eating ice cream in the morning, there’s a simple solution:

Just sleep till noon and eat ice cream for breakfast at a more „socially acceptable“ time.


Become A Tourist In Your Own City

This is apparently called a „staycation“ (get it?!) and there is even a wikiHow on how to do it the right way. It’s really simple tho:

  1. Identify the typical tourist attractions in your city
  2. Pick the ones you like best
  3. Go out exploring

This could mean going to a museum, taking part in a guided tour, or finally going to that one place you promised yourself to go to when you moved here.

Being a tourist in your own city doesn’t mean you have to wear a fanny pack. Just do like you would when visiting a new city. Look for activities in the newspaper or check out some local bloggers – anything outside of your comfort zone is a good place to start.


Go Skinny Dipping


Skinny-dipping is the height of liberation, the ultimate indulgence, and never fails to make one hell of a story. You’ll get all the fun of swimming – with the added adrenaline rush of being butt naked in front of your friends. There really aren’t a lot of rules to it, but it might be a good idea to take a look at these Do’s & Don’t’s as a general guideline if you’re unsure about it.


Find the right place.
It should go without saying that some places are more suitable for skinny dipping than others. Pools, lakes, and private beaches usually work best. Try not to go skinny dipping with minors, at public beaches, or religious sites, for obvious reasons.

Take the right people.
Your highest priority should be to feel comfortable. It’s a lot easier and more fun to get naked if you don’t feel judged by the people around you.

Do some basic planning.
Give your friends a day or so’s notice. Most of us are self-conscious and it’s probably going to increase the chances for a successful and fun skinny dipping session if you give us some time to prepare our bodies.

Involve everyone.
The more the merrier, and just because someone may not look great naked doesn’t mean they should be left out. It is way worse for them to be sitting off to the side. Make everyone feel comfortable enough and remind them it is just skin. Don’t force anyone to do it, but welcome them with open arms, and not legs.

Act like you normally would.
It’s okay to sneak a peak. Everyone does it. Just try not to turn into the creep that makes everyone feel uncomfortable because he can’t stop staring.


Be the only person in your group to get naked.
That’d just be weird. Skinny dipping is a group activity.

Be the only person in your group to not get naked.
That’d be just as weird. Skinny dipping is a group activity.

Take photos.
Again: Please don’t be the creepy one in your group. Just live in the moment for once and enjoy yourself.


Want to discover the best places to do these things?

Hell Yeah!

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