Finally Switzerland get’s a little bit of summer – it’s time to enjoy some of Zurich’s best ice cream before it gets cold again!



This summer has not enough warm days to test all our favorite ice cream places. That’s why the CROWD team tested them and tells you about the best ones!



gelati am see

Photo: Gelati am See

Gelati am See

Hafen Riesbach

8008 Zürich

From march to octobre

Mon – Fri   1 pm until sunset

Sat & Sun  2 pm until sunset

Closed when it’s raining.

At “Gelati am See” you are not only getting fantastic ice cream, but also the perfect setting to enjoy it in. Directly on the lake, just a short stroll from the Chinese garden, the ice cream store is at the best place to enjoy the summer in Zürich.

Paulo Palumbo of Amore Mio has been making gelato since over 20 years and with pure passion. He produces for Gelati am See and comes up with new flavor creations. This place sells also a big selection of vegan sorbets that are really yummy!




Photo: Sorbetto


Glaceladen Wipkingen


8037 Zürich

Google Maps

Mon – Fri   12 – 6.30 pm

Sat          12 – 5.00 pm

Sun          1 pm – 17.00 (good weather only)

During the summer also at

Neptunstr. 49

8032 Zürich

Google Maps

Mon – Fri   11 am – 6.30 pm

Sat          10 am – 5.30 pm

The famous Sorbetto-Ice Cream is just part of a real summer in Zürich. Out of natural ingredients and manufactured by hand, this ice cream is probably THE cult ice cream of Zürich.

One of the best things of Sorbetto – they always create crazy flavors that you can’t find anywhere else: Vistula Cherry, Cassis, Fig, Lychee, Kiwi or Ginger-Lime. On a regular basis the company experiments with ingredients you would never expect in ice cream like Wasabi, Dinkel Grass or Lemon-Basil.


vegan ice cream

Photo: Flickr by Katie Towers


Müllerstr. 64

8004 Zürich

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Mon – Sat   1 – 9 pm

Anybody that is on the lookout for vegan Ice cream is right at the Vegelateria – they produce 60 different flavors of ice cream. Usually they have about 20 flavors on display, changing it up every day a bit. All ingredients are organic, vegan and the ice cream contains no artificially refined sugar. They sweeten with dates, dried cane juice or cooked fruit juice, so it’s all tasty AND healthy!



Photo: Flickr by lori.e.burleson

Photo: Flickr by lori.e.burleson

Gelateria Leonardo


Kalanderplatz 1

8045 Zürich

Google Maps


Neue Winterthurerstr. 99

8301 Wallisellen

Google Maps

Mon – Sat   9 am – 8 pm

One of our favorites is the Gelateria Leonardo that you can find in the two shopping centers Glattzentrum and Sihlcity. The creamy, slowly melting Italian gelato comes in an abundance of different flavors. Up to 100 different flavors are produced here – depending on the season and the customer’s demand. There is so many that we want to try – Liquorice, Brandy, Caramba, Panna Cotta, Persimon fruit or water melon.




i love leo

Oberdorfstr. 22

8001 Zürich

Google Maps

Mon – Thu   11 am – 6 pm
Fri – Sat    11 am – 8 pm
Sun           12 – 6 pm

The concept of the Frozen-Yogurt-Place “I love leo” originates from Munich. In the big metropols of the world, the trend of Frozen Yogurt has arrived a long time ago. Since two years “i love leo” brings that enjoyment into the old town of Zurich and secures the survival of the Frozen-Yoghurt-Lovers.

The airy delight out of organic yogurt and milk comes with a huge selection of different toppings: fresh fruits, nuts, different sauces, chocolate nibs and much more.  


Photo: Flickr by Kardboard604

Photo: Flickr by Kardboard604

The second biggest ice cream label of Zurich, that relays on regional ingredients and a hand-made process, is “Gelati di Zurigo” from the ETH-agricultural economist Nikolaus Gotsch, who also studied at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy. His exclusive strawberry sorbet out of hand-picked strawberries or the creamy hazelnut ice cream out of nuts from the Piemont region are both flavor explosions! Wow!

During the summer he also creates unique summer flavors like lavender from his own garden or rose blossoms. You just gotta try it!

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