Ideas for an unusual first date with CROWD

Ideas For An Unusual First Date

First dates can be fantastic experiences – but they can also be absolutely nerve wracking. So why not go for the unusual and make them a great time to remember regardless of whether the first date will be the only date or followed by many others.


Dating does not have to involve eating (and choking on) a 3-course meal and having to deal with complications about how to split the bill. Just keep it simple and have awesome fun. Then you are much more likely to enjoy it, and perhaps both of you will want to come back for more.




Solve a mystery together

Solve a mystery together on your first date


Escape rooms are an excellent way to throw people together and give them a task to solve. When you are rushing against the clock to get out of the room, by solving the mystery, you will have no time for awkward silences or weird conversation. You can even make it a double date by inviting friends so you can have even more fun at playing detectives. And maybe once you are out, you’ll still want to spend time together …

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Get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone on your first date


Research has shown that people can become really close (even fall in love ‘at first sight’) when they bond over an experience that is adventurous and raises their adrenaline levels. So why not take your date high on a roller coaster or enjoy an indoor skydiving tunnel. Even climbing a tree in the park can be fun, and you can combine it with a BYO picnic afterwards.



Be a tourist for a day (or just a few hours)

Become a tourist on your first date


We so rarely have time to explore the city or town where we live, that it might be loads of fun to take the day off with your date and play tourists by visiting a gallery or museum, going to a famous flea market or just soak in the atmosphere in a cafe or a bar in a neighbourhood you both don’t know very well.

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Play games

Play games on your first date


Yes, we said that going to a bar can be a bit cliche, however, if you pick one with billiard or really great board games, you’re bound to enjoy a different kind of drinks night. Games are always fun, and you’ll get to know your new boo really fast, maybe even see how he/she handles being thrashed at darts or foosball.



On a budget

First dates on a budget


Dating doesn’t have to break the bank, so if you are on a tight budget you can still do a lot to enjoy your time together. Why not go to a candy store, you can even pick an old-fashioned one and dress up for the occasion. Once you’ve picked all your sweets, you can find a place with a great view such as a harbour or a tall building and watch the sunset together while chewing on candy. It might not be the best for your teeth, but at least you won’t wake up with a massive hangover and a bad taste in your mouth the next morning.



Eat & Drink differently

Eat and drink differently on your first date


Eating out might be a bit of a cliche but it doesn’t mean that your date has to be. You can do it differently, by having three courses in 3 different places. Go to a Spanish-style tapas bar for an appetizer and a glass of wine. Next, have your entree at a charming new bistro you haven’t been to. Also, why not end up the night grabbing a mixed box from a French patisserie and eating all the delicious treats at an open-air cinema. Not your usual dinner-and-a-movie night after all!

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Make it a ‘morning’ date

Make your first date a morning date


Dates don’t have to all be in the evening, so if you want to feel more at ease and not have the pressure to think about what happens after the date, then why not meet up for brunch in a decadent boutique hotel or go on a bakery tour in one of the hip neighborhoods.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these so much that you can use them for any date, whether it’s a first or a 21st, the most important thing is to have a great time!

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