How to survive the weekend when you're broke

How to get through the weekend when you’re broke.

It’s Friday night, all your friends are ready to go out and have fun, but a look into your wallet reveals it’s emptier than a Nike store right after Black Friday? No need to worry! We’ve put together some ideas and tactics that’ll get you through the weekend on your last dime.


Host a movie night

Host a movie night when you're brokeWhat’s better than not spending money on food and entertainment? Having all these great things delivered to your house, free of charge.

Just invite some friends over to your place for an all-night Netflix marathon and tell them to pick up some snacks and drinks on the way. You could prepare a list of horror flicks that you’re too afraid of to watch by yourself, so you can guilt-trip your friends into coming over if needed. They’ll understand, come over, bring the food and drinks and voila; not a single penny leaves your empty wallet tonight.

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Learn a new skill

Learn a new skill when you're brokeYouTube is your number one source for learning just about anything. You can learn how to write beautiful letters, teach yourself a yoga routine, or figure out how to knit your own socks. The occasional cute kitten compilation is the ideal break to help you process all this new information. Libraries are also a great place to research your new pet projects and there’s even a chance of meeting like-minded people.


Go Dancing

Go dancing when you're brokeYou can’t dance? Most of us can’t. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop yourself from having a night of fun and interaction. You’re broke, so nightclubs are obviously out of the question, but there are still some bars with dance floors that won’t charge an entrance fee.

There are two ways to go about this, and both of them require you to get over yourself: The first one is to get your friends to pay for your adventures. Chances are they’ve been in a similar situation not too long ago and are willing to invest in you knowing you’ll pay your debts one way or the other. The second one is a bit sketchier, but drastic situations call for drastic measures! If a fun night out for you means getting drunk, you can always get a cheap buzz going by raiding your (or your parents) wine stash and stick to water once you’re at the bar. Just remember that you’re broke and beggars can’t be choosers.

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Avoid getting a taxi

Avoid cabs when you're brokeWhy would you even consider the comfort of being driven around in anything that isn’t public transport? Nature gave you a beautiful, functional set of feet and you should use them. You have GPS on your phone, so track down the nearest group of people and whatever they’re doing; playing games, Pokémon GO, having cheap tacos, and start walking towards them.


give back to the community

Give back to the community when you're brokeThere are still places out there that aren’t after your money, so why not support them and give something back to the community? Your local animal shelter, food bank, or Big Brother/Sister program are always looking for volunteers. Spreading love is always a great idea and helping others this way won’t cost you anything. It’s a win-win if there ever was one.

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Spend some quality time by yourself

Spend some quality time by yourself when you're brokeWrite a letter to your future self or finish that book that’s been on your desk for the last few month. Catch up on your favourite podcasts or make some art and crafts. Or re-energize on a lazy Sunday with a bucket of ice-cream and all the shows that have been queuing up in your Netflix.


Happy hours

Enjoy a happy hour when you're brokeFeel free to skip this part if you’re broke broke.
But if by broke you mean you’re down to your last 20 bucks, hunting for happy hours at your local restaurants, bars or clubs is still a viable option. If you manage to score a dinner and still have cash left for some shots, then you can consider your night a success.

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Join a game night group

Join a game night when you're brokeAll over town, each and every Friday and Saturday nights, people get together to play games. Of course, they vary according to the ages and interests of the players, but it’s not that hard to find a suitable event. These kinds of gatherings are usually inexpensive or even free, although you might want to chip in on the bill. And if you don’t, who cares? You can go to the next place, the next time you join a game night group. So sit back, relax, enjoy your trivia or Cards Against Humanity match and leave whenever you want – as broke as you came.

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