Better, faster, stronger! That’s how we wish to perform in our daily lives. But with everything that is going on, that is not always as easy as it sounds. With those 9 Apps you can improve the use of time, so you can be just a bit faster, perform stronger and be a better version of yourself!



We all wish we had just a little bit more time. Startup life means racing against all the others that could implement the idea better or faster. But also our day is limited to 24 hours. That’s why we collected our favorite apps, that help us to be more efficient and make the most out of our time.

1. LastPass


Are you using the same password for several email or social media accounts? While that’s easy to remember, it might not be a very smart choice in terms of security.

With LastPass, you have only ONE main password that you need to remember to log into your password vault. That’s where you store all your logins, passwords and accounts.

No problem if you are working from different computers or workstations, you can log into the vault from any computer with internet connection. So you have basically all your passwords with you all the time.

LastPass also has an extension that you can integrate into your browser, so on your personal computer logging into any account of yours happens automatically. The corresponding app for your phone comes with a price tag of 12 Dollars per year.

The app lets you generate super secure passwords, that nobody can figure out or remember. 🙂

Great as well when you and your colleagues have to share passwords for several social media accounts of your start up. Simply create a company account and manage it from there.


2. Asana

Especially when you are working in a team, you need some system to manage individual tasks, visualize progress and set overall goals you want to achieve. Asana does all of that and more.

The free app lets you make to-do-lists with due dates, assign tasks to other team members and share important files with each other.

You can organize the tasks in different projects. For each project, you create an individual calendar, a task list and a progress tracker and share it with the people it concerns. You can also follow task of others so you get a notice when they have been completed. Like that, you are in the loop of what is going on in your team.

Asana is great because it gives you a structured and organized way to manage individual tasks but still keep a good overview of the project. It makes it easy to collaborate with others and work on bigger goals. And it keeps you motivated by showing you the progress you made in charts.



3. Slack


Skype is out. Slack is in. The messenger designed for teams took over the start-up world quickly.

Conversations are organized in different channels. You can create channels for projects, topics or office locations. If you want to keep some information private, you can create a private channel and invite just the people that should know about it.

One of the big pluses of Slack is that you find needed information so much faster. No more scrolling through endless Skype chats or emails. Just type in the keyword in Slack and it searches through all your channels, conversations and files shared in the app. It even searches the content of the posted files.

The other great thing about Slack is, that it lets you integrate all the tools that you are already using like Twitter, MailChimp, Asana, JIRA, Dropbox and many more. The notifcations for all those appear in the channels you choose.

So you and your team’s communications will get more efficient, more transparent and faster!




4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a neat tool to have for your personal use. Everything that is not business-related I will keep in my Wunderlist. If you want to keep track of your goals, create a shopping list or make a to-do-list, Wunderlist is the app that does the job. It’s easy to use and synchronizes across all your device from your computer, the phone or tablet. So you always have it, where you need it.

You can create reminders for tasks that pop up at a certain time. You can sort your tasks into different lists, and also print all your lists. Perfect also when you share an apartment and need to go shopping but can’t do it together. The shopping list is easily shared with your roommates, and you see what the others have already bought.

You can even comment each item in any shared list. But what I love most about the app Wunderlist, is the rewarding “Pling-sound” it makes, once you check off items from your list. Just makes me wanna get things done…




5. Evernote


Ideas always come, when you don’t expect them. That’s why inventors, designers and big thinkers kept a notebook on them all the time. Evernote is basically today’s virtual notebook. When you have the app on your phone and your laptop – you can save anything – from images, texts, websites, ideas, sketches, drawings, audio, receipts… and always access it from any device with internet.

Organize your ideas and insights in different notebooks and mark them with tags, so you find them easier again.

You can sketch ideas out, create lists or set reminders for certain tasks. If you are collaborating with others – it is totally easy to share notes or a whole notebook with others.

Evernote is the best companion to store and manage any kind of notes, snippets, ideas, articles… the more you use it, the better it gets.

It’s the perfect life management tool, no matter if you are an artist, an entrepreneur or just a curious individual.



6. IF

IF (by IFTTT) is another amazing app, that if you use it the right way, it can do wonders for you. This app helps you to connect apps and devices and automate tasks, so you don’t have to do them manually anymore. You can define any “IF-Status” like “if it rains the next day in my location”  the app will respond with the selected follow-up action like “then send me a notification in the morning at 7.30 am”. Whenever there is a case happening that you have defined a follow-up action for, the app will perform the action for you automatically.

Like that, you can save a lot of time. If you post a picture on Instagram, the app will post it for you on Twitter and Facebook as well. Or when you leave work, it will turn on the heating system in your house, so that when you come home it is nice and cozy. It saves you documents that you download automatically also in your dropbox. There are thousands of ways you can make this app work for you.

Currently, there are about 350 apps that are connected with IF, that help you to get the most out of this super-clever app.




7. Pocket



If you find an interesting article, but don’t have time to read it now, you can save it for later with Pocket. The app collects all your reading material and stores it for you on your phone. When you are on the train or plane and don’t have access to the internet, you can read all the articles that you have saved.

It also creates an archive for you with all the articles that you have already read. So when you want to go back to something, you can find it easily through the Pocket search tool.

You can not only save articles but also images and videos in Pocket. The app provides also a browser extension. Like that you can have the little pocket button in your browser bar. So when you surf the web and find something interesting, all you need to do it click the button and it will go directly in your pocket, so you can review it later.



8. Easily Do

Easily Do is another app that automates tasks and is based on artificial intelligence. The app learns over time what your habits are and adjusts its function to you. So if you have a meeting scheduled in your calendar, but there is bad traffic, it will send you an alert to leave early, so you are not gonna be late.

It is a virtual assistant that can take care of simple tasks like track your shipments, update your contact list or keep you informed about flight schedules.

it is not as versatile as IF, but it can manage quite a few tasks for you like sending greetings to friends on their birthday, it can inform you about delays when you commute, add receipts to your dropbox, copy suggested meetings from your email into your calendar or merge duplicate contacts in your address book.





9. Polymail


Polymail is a practical and well-designed email client that you can use on your phone as well as on your laptop. Its clean and simple look make it appealing to use. But there are some other features that I just love about it.

When you send out an email, you can track it and get a notification once the recipient opens it. Like this, you know exactly if and when your email has been read.

Another really useful feature is, that when you send out an email, the app will remind you in a few days to get back to that person if you have not gotten a response. If the person responds in the set timeframe, the notification will not appear.

You can also write emails and schedule to send them out later.

I love some of the features so much that I am thinking about switching from Apple’s “Mail” to “Polymail” as my main email client.

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