The CROWD Guide To Meeting People In A New City

The CROWD Guide to Meeting People in a New City

Moving to a new city is terrifying on its own, especially if you don’t know anyone yet. You get a new home, new neighbors, new places to discover and the first months are always touristy – but what about friends? Where do you find them?

Making new friends in a place where you don’t know anyone can turn out to be quite the challenge. Don’t worry. You are not alone, and there are others like you out there who are just as scared to reach out to new people. But it doesn’t have to be as frightening as it may seem. Just shout out a “Yes” to every opportunity, and you will have a rocking group in no time.

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Ideas for an unusual first date with CROWD

Ideas For An Unusual First Date

First dates can be fantastic experiences – but they can also be absolutely nerve wracking. So why not go for the unusual and make them a great time to remember regardless of whether the first date will be the only date or followed by many others.


Dating does not have to involve eating (and choking on) a 3-course meal and having to deal with complications about how to split the bill. Just keep it simple and have awesome fun. Then you are much more likely to enjoy it, and perhaps both of you will want to come back for more.

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How To Recover From The Christmas Holidays

Christmas is one of the most amazing holidays out there. Tis’ the season for presents, mistletoe, and getting drunk with your relatives. But now that those Silver Bells have run and Santa has left the building, it’s a good time to embrace your Christmas hangover and treat yourself.

Dwelling on Christmas won’t bring it back any faster (although most of us secretly wish it would). Instead, it would be better if you did something to help you recover and readjust to normalcy. So, to help you get over massive amounts of good food and alcohol, here are some tips that should help you get over those Christmas blues.

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CROWD's Ultimate No-Bullshit Fall Guide

The Ultimate No-Bullshit Fall Guide

The fall season has officially begun, so get ready for rain, fog, colder nights, and basic white girls clogging up the lines at Starbucks to get yet another Pumpkin Spice Latte.

So what can you do this fall, besides laying in bed rewatching all ten seasons of Friends?

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