30 Cities You Need To Visit Before You Turn 30 with CROWD

30 Cities You Need To Visit Before You Turn 30

Tired of walking the same streets day after day, seeing the same people over and over, or simply looking for a place to spend a weekend? We’ve thought long and hard about the places we love and created a list with our 30 favorite cities everyone should visit before they turn 30.


Visit Paris before you turn 30 with CROWDBaguette and Croissant accompany you through the streets while you seem to be interested in architecture, art, and fashion, secretly just waiting to discover the incredible nightlife. Try not to kneel down to tie your shoelaces in front of the Eiffel Tower if you don’t want to get engaged accidentally.

Looking for the right things to do on your city trip?

Hell Yeah!


Visit London before you turn 30 with CRoWDThe home of this old lady with the funny-looking security guards. Have a cup of tea literally anywhere and anytime because in this rainy weather you can’t really do other stuff (besides almost everything that is world famous)



Visit Tokyo before you turn 30 with CROWDVisit the most populated city in the world. Because who doesn’t love to ride on public transit with as many humans as possible.


New York

Visit New York before you turn 30 with CROWD„Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do“. That’s almost right, but Alicia Keys forgot one thing you can’t do in NYC: be bored.



Visit Berlin before you turn 30 with CROWDBerlin is where germans go when they’re tired of acting german-y. Discover the city of multiculturalism with tons of trending shops and restaurants.



Visit Barcelona before you turn 30 with CROWDCristiano Ronaldo is the best football player in the world. Triggered? Then you might want to visit Barcelona and maybe watch Leo Messi play after a day of sightseeing.



Visit Madrid befor you turn 30 with CROWDHablas español? No? No problem, you don’t need to in order to enjoy the atmosphere in the capital of Spain. The parks and museums speak for themselves.



Visit Johannesburg befor you turn 30 with CROWDApartheid is a part of history. Nowadays, Joburg is a booming, multicultural city. Ideal if you are seeking a unique lifestyle.



Visit Bruges before you turn 30 with CROWDSpeaking German, French and Dutch all at once is something you find appealing? If so, Bruges should be your next destination. If contrary you are a normal person, how does the capital of chocolate candy sound?



Visit Vancouver before you turn 30 with CROWD„Vancouver is a Manhattan with mountains“ says the New York Times. Only in polite. And without Trump. Do you get the picture?



Visit Sydney before you turn 30 with CROWDHow ya going mate? Ride the kangaroos from the Great Barrier Reef to the Opera of Sydney in the world-famous metropolis of Australia.


Want us to show you all the secret spots and good things from all around the world?

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Visit Beijing before you turn 30 with CROWDChina basically invented Trumps plan to build a wall. No wonder China outperforms every other country in the world by far. Visit the stadium where Usain Bolt became your favorite sprinter.



Visit Amsterdam before you turn 30 with CROWDTo put it in the words of one of the wisest man there has ever been on this beautiful planet: „Smoke weed everyday“. But don’t forget to do something to educate yourself and have a look at the narrow lanes and canals.



Visit Moscow before you turn 30 with CROWDDon’t you feel the need to escape the western lifestyle sometimes? Discover the center of the evil communism first-hand.



Visit Rome before you turn 30 with CROWDThe city of Pizza, Pasta and the Pope. Gorge yourself and then confess it at the Holy See.


Las Vegas

Visit Las Vegas before you turn 30 with CROWDThe only city you leave richer than you were before (said no one ever). Try your luck in the world-famous casinos or just have a glance at the breathtaking glamor.

Los Angeles

Visit Los Angeles before you turn 30 with CROWDTake pictures with your favorite actors, talk to the best-known stars in the world, and feel embarrassed after you realize you just spent one and a half hours speaking with the ground at the Walk of Fame.



Visit Havana before you turn 30 with CROWDTeach the capital of Cuba, that has recently opened the borders to the US, a lesson about your loved Capitalism. Surely you are able to improve the Havana. Maybe you learn the art of smoking cigars with style in exchange.



Visit Singapore before you turn 30 with CROWDThe cleanest city in the whole world. Eating in the tram is not recommended, but eating in the finest Asian restaurants is, as Singapore is often called the door to Asia.



Visit Istanbul before you turn 30 with CROWDAsia? Europe? Black Sea? Mediterranean Sea? Buy a ticket to Istanbul and get the 4-in-1 package, making it the most diversified trip possible!


San Francisco

Visit San Francisco before you turn 30 with CROWDDon’t believe your friends that the Golden Gate Bridge is actually not golden? Of course you don’t have to make sure since you know that it is golden as the name says. Or do you?

Looking for an easy way to plan your city trip with your friends?

I do!


Visit Copenhagen before you turn 30 with CROWDCopenhagen is the world capital of hotdogs (Who knew?). If this doesn’t make you want to check out the Danish capital, the aesthetic wooden cabins will do the rest.



Visit Hongkong before you turn 30 with CROWDLet your friends know that you’re rich af as you travel to the most expensive city in the world. Why would you need to spend money for food if you can pay a fortune to watch the pompous skyline of Hongkong?



Visit Bangkok before you turn 30 with CROWDGrab some friends, fly to Bangkok and experience your personal Hangover part 3. It’ll be worth it. Guaranteed.


Visit Jerusalem before you turn 30 with CROWDJesus Christ, just visit it! Tell your friends you met god at the Wailing Wall for a cup of coffee.


Mexico City

Visit Mexico City before you turn 30 with CROWDChallenge yourself with the ultimate test: Are you able to survive one day in Mexico just speaking Spanish? Probably not. But try to sponge the unique lifestyle of the metropolis anyways.


Rio de Janeiro

VisitRio De Janeiro before you turn 30 with CROWDThe Copacabana invites you to relax all day in the sun, surrounded by Salsa-dancing women. Discover how Cristo Redentor watches over the beautiful city or sit back and enjoy the beautiful view if that sounds to exhausting.



Visit Athens before you turn 30 with CROWDThe country may be poor but the sights definitely aren’t. Feel like an ancient god in a Greek legend while walking up and down the narrow streets and taking in the beautiful ruins.


Your Hometown

Discover your Hometown before you turn 30 with CROWD

There really is no place like home. Returning from your travels to a familiar place can bring true comfort. But how familiar is your home really? Have you ever taken the time to become a tourist in your own city? You’ll be surprised by the things you might discover if you look for them in the right way!

We can show you the things you've been missing all this time.

I want to see them!

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